What We Do

Affidavits & Lifestyle Analysis

  • Identify Monthly Income and Expenditures
  • Marital and Separate Household Budget Review
  • Lifestyle and Income Analysis
  • Calculating Support and Temporary Maintenance Needs

Divorce Planning & Settlement Review

  • Calculate Alimony and Child Support Alternatives
  • Calculate Marital and Non-marital Pension and 401K Allocation
  • Marital Settlement Negotiation Support
  • Marital Settlement Proposal Review and Analysis

Divorce Valuation

  • Business Valuation
  • Partnership Valuation
  • Professional Practice Valuation (legal, medical, consulting, etc.)
  • Holding and Investment Company Valuation
  • Self-Employment Valuation
  • Stock Option Valuation
  • Compensation Determination
  • Enterprise versus Personal Goodwill Determination
  • Valuation of Under-Reported Income
  • Intellectual Property Valuation
  • Valuation of Professional Degrees and Licenses
  • Valuation of Fractional Interests in Real Property

Financial Forensic Services

  • RAIDS (Recently Acquired Income Deficiency Syndrome) Analysis
  • Asset and Income Tracing

Tax Reviews1

  • Tax Analyses
  • Prepare Tax-Impacted Marital Balance Sheet

Litigation Support & Damages

  • Support the Discovery Process
  • Provide Expert Witness Testimony
  • Review and Critique other Financial Expert Reports
  • Support Direct and Cross Examination of Other Experts
  • Provide Assistance in the Preparation of Deposition and Interrogatories

To learn more about VFP’s extensive work in divorce matters, please refer to our Divorce site and visit:  Why Do You Need Us; Where We Fit in the Divorce Process; How is VFP Different?; Divorce Myths; as well as our Divorce Services site or call us to discuss your needs.

1Provided through independent tax experts