Our Firm

Our team is composed of experienced business advisors who specialize in providing quality and cost effective solutions. The team is led by our founder, Brandi L. Ruffalo, who is a Nationally Recognized instructor in valuation.

Our professionals have real world experience that helps inform our valuation and forensic techniques. We are business owners; therefore, our work is not a theoretical concept. We put our capital on the line – just like you.

Our experience is also combined with a deep knowledge of valuation and forensics. We continually update our knowledge through ongoing education, independent study, and writing. Our founder continues to help further the valuation and forensics profession through course development and teaching. This ensures that our professionals are bringing the most up-to-date thinking to bear on your engagement.

To supplement the experience of our in-house team, we have established relationships with leading experts across the country to ensure that we can bring the best resources to each engagement.

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Brandi L. Ruffalo, MBA, AVA