How Is VFP Different

We have been on both sides of Divorce; both professionally and personally.  We know Divorce.  We can dive right in – regardless of the stage of divorce you find yourself in.


We focus on you.  Together, we will work to define the financially focused divorce issues that will have the most impact on your post divorce finances. We will have cost/benefit discussions that will help you determine which of our services to use. Our objective advice will be driven by your needs. By discussing the hard questions, together we can understand your situation, how the divorce impacts your financial needs, and define potential post divorce financial outcomes.


Our job is to review, analyze and make realistic determinations about financial information that may impact your divorce. These analyses are for use in the negotiations and decision making you face throughout the divorce process.  Our training, experience, and credentials help us offer big-firm resources, yet our attitude and commitment allow us to personalize our services.

We are committed to educating our clients. Clients make the best divorce related financial decisions when they understand the financial concepts and the potential risks and rewards associated to their decisions.


Our Principal is actively involved in the financial aspects of our clients’ divorce cases.  She regularly speaks to peers and professional associations on divorce financial matters.

We take our training seriously and devote time to advance the knowledge base of other professionals serving divorcing parties.  Additionally, we also speak regularly to groups of individuals who are considering or who are battling through the divorce process.

To learn more about the background and experience of our Managing Director, click here.