Our Firm – Divorce

Our practice has presented us with many different opportunities to assist clients in financial matters.  Divorce cases often present complex financial issues regardless of the size of the case.

In divorce, two parties that were not only life partners but who were also business partners in their marital estate are attempting to separate.  These parties are now in a face-off and have every incentive to protect their own positions which often results in mistrust.  Additionally, the emotional aspects of the divorce often leads to irrational decisions regarding financial matters.

The reality is that even in an amicable divorce, the issues surrounding financial matters will often cause tremendous underlying tension.  The unknowns for both parties are future earnings, marital obligations, and the impact of the division of marital assets.

Our team strives to help our clients get answers to their financial questions so that they can move toward settlement or resolution in an informed position.  It is our experience that parties who gain an understanding and actively involved in the financial decision making process are better prepared for life after divorce.

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