How is VFP Different?

Every valuation should have an experienced captain.  VFP has the unique depth and breadth to tackle most valuation projects.  We offer the resources and skills of a big firm, but our founder is actively involved with each engagement.  Click here to learn more about Brandi Ruffalo’s experience.

In alignment with our firm’s philosophy, our valuation services are:


Valuation analysis entails an in depth understanding of the business and industry on both qualitative and quantitative levels that go beyond numerical values by maintaining a delicate balance between art and science.

At VFP our appraisals are backed by our extensive qualifications and experience.  We approach our valuations with a clear understanding of the work required to arrive at a reasonable value.  We start by analyzing and reviewing the company’s financial statements, conducting industry research, and ultimately developing a thorough understanding of the business and what creates and drives value for the shareholders.


Our business valuation reports are not a “black box.”  They are designed to get all parties on the same page about the most important valuation issues and to clearly explain the assumptions and conclusions we have drawn from the information, research, and conclusions developed during our analysis process.

We keep our clients well informed throughout the entire valuation process.  Collaborating with you on a consistent basis creates open communication, educates you, and enables you to make knowledgeable decisions about how to proceed.  Your input and knowledge about the business will assist us in the valuation process.  We have formed strategic alliances with other professionals to ensure every aspect of the valuation has been covered.


As a leader in the industry, our goal is to change how valuation is done for the better.  In fact, VFP educates other professionals on how to perform high quality valuations by providing national trainings and seminars.  VFP is committed to staying current on key valuation topics through hundreds of hours per year of professional education and through maintenance of respected valuation credentials.

The VFP team has backgrounds in consulting, venture capital, venture funded companies and family owned businesses.  These experiences have been instrumental in shaping our approach to valuation, our understanding of business operations, and our perspectives on the impact and cost of risk.