What are Litigation Support Services?

Parties enter litigation for a variety of reasons, but litigants are seeking restitution (damages or other financial consequence) that is reflective of the “financial harm” claimed to be inflicted by the defendant(s).  VFP provides litigation support services that assist parties to define and present an expert opinion that quantifies these financial consequences in the form of a claim or a rebuttal to a claim for damages, lost profits, business values, or lost earnings or opportunity.


Our work incorporates analysis, interpretation and presentation of complex financial and business related issues in a manner that can be understood by the parties to the litigation, the court and potentially a jury.  We take large data sets, analyze them, compare them to industry, economic, or benchmarks for reasonableness and then we develop and present opinion reports that can be used in settlement efforts and when necessary, in court.

Often the most cost-effective approach to litigation involves mediation and settlement, but given the timelines of a litigated case, attorneys often work toward settlement and trial concurrently.  The VFP team is experienced in working with attorneys throughout this process.  Our litigation support services includes:

Identification and Assessment of Damages Contributors – this most often would include: initial assessment of key contributors, develop discovery requests, review and analysis information, review and assess the opposing parties claim

Model and Calculate Damages – review available discovery, perform initial calculations, outline additional discovery needs, support discovery requests, perform analyses and finalize calculations

Support Settlement Efforts – participate in settlement discussions, clarify assumptions and underlying drivers of damages estimates, provide scenario analyses, work with opposing expert to communicate findings and define differences of opinion

Trial Preparation – prepare rebuttal analyses that critique opposing expert reports, comply with discovery requests, comply with deposition requests, assist counsel in preparation for deposition of opposing experts, work with counsel to prepare exhibits and supporting information for trial

Expert Testimony – provide testimony to support opinions in deposition, mediation and/or trial

Combining proven methodology with strategy and common sense, we provide insightful litigation support that can withstand third-party scrutiny.  Valuation & Forensic Partners has the knowledge and experience to assist you in a number of litigation matters including:

·   Shareholder Disputes ·   Dissenters Rights ·   Shareholder Oppression
·   Partnership Disputes ·   Divorce ·   Business Interruptions
·   Directors Liability ·   Officer Liability ·   Breach of Contract
·   Deadlocked Corporation ·   Lender Liability ·   Fraudulent Conveyance
·   Wrongful Death ·   Personal Injury ·   Product Liabiltiy


For more information on our Litigation Support & Damages services, please review:  Shareholder Disputes; Contract DisputesEmployment Litigation and How is VFP Different?.