How Is VFP Different?

As experts we provide critical information that assists our clients and their attorneys in resolving disputes and when necessary, presenting them to the court.

Our work incorporates analysis, interpretation, and presentation of complex financial and business related information.

Our goal is to present this information in a manner that creates common understanding, enables decisions, and withstands third-party scrutiny.  Additionally, we strive to help our clients address the financial aspects of their litigation efficiently and directly in order to minimize the impact on their business and their lives.

In alignment with our firm’s philosophy, our Litigation Support & Damages services are:


Often settlement in disputes is delayed due to a lack of focus and education on the financial issues of a case.  Our clients have achieved the most appropriate outcomes when we have served as the financial quarterback, actively involved them in the process, and ensured their education on the critical outstanding issues.

Our customized, hands-on approach and specialized services strive to provide you with a clear understanding of the risks and/or losses in your case.


The financial aspects of litigation are not just about spreadsheets and analysis.  There must be a practical, common sense approach to defining and refining the cost / benefits of the case.  Additionally each claim must have a factual basis that leads directly to the calculation of damages or other financial claims.

Individuals within a certain field communicate using technical jargon that a typical person may not understand. Our goal is to explain a these complex financial topics in a way that all parties to the litigation (client, counsel, opposing parties, judge, and jury) can understand, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the argument. We strive to produce reports and communicate in a manner that is persuasive while we maintain our independence.


Having the correct expert witness assisting you will help assure that educated decisions are made and will add credibility to your case.  The opposing side will look to discredit your expert by any means possible.  This is why it is important to hire someone with a proven track record of providing an unbiased opinion and that is respected within their field.

Our depth of experience gives us a basis for unique and insightful solutions to complex questions.

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