Trust and Estate Litigation

Mistrust is not uncommon when one or more parties either have the inability or lack of control of the financial interests for which they have beneficial interest.

This control has been placed on an individual (fiduciary) whose responsibility is to act in the best interest of the parties to whom they owe a fiduciary duty.  But “best interest” can have or appear to have gray areas where interpretation is required.

VFP is uniquely trained and well positioned to work with plaintiffs, defendants, and as a financial neutral in trust and estate litigation.  We understand the toll that these matters can take on families and we strive to support our clients so that they can seek resolution in these matters.

Our founder’s training as a business valuation and financial forensics expert coupled with her credential as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA®) afford her a unique perspective as an expert in trust and estate litigation.

VFP serves both plaintiffs and defendants in these matters and can also serve as a financial neutral in mediation or arbitration.  Although the parties may hire us for different purposes as outlined below, our job is to independently review, analyze and assess the financial claims.  We assist:

  • Trustees, Executors and Fiduciaries who need to assess the risk of claims against them or present facts in their defense of these claims.
  • Beneficiaries of trusts, wills, and estates who are seeking to evaluate potential claims they may wish to pursue against a trustee, executor or fiduciary or who are pursuing litigation against these parties.

The VFP team is experienced in sorting through, organizing and presenting financial information to help level the playing field between parties.  Some of the ways our financial forensic experts can help in trust and estate litigation are included below.

  • Review and analyze financial data to assess its completeness, accuracy and reasonableness
  • Trace financial information to evaluate claims for co-mingled assets or fraudulent transfers of assets
  • Reconstruct financial records for a business
  • Assist attorney in preparing document requests, gathering information and preparing financial affidavits
  • Issue an expert report to communicate our findings and if necessary testify in a deposition or in court
  • Review reports submitted by other financial experts

As your financial forensic expert, VFP can aid in relieving mistrust by providing fair, objective advice.  To learn more about our forensic services, review:  What are Forensic Services? and How is VFP Different? in the Financial Services section.  For more information about our litigation services visit VFP Litigation / Damages.