How is VFP Different?

Financial litigation is about following the numbers and presenting understandable findings.  The VFP team strives to provide information that educates our clients and their counsel can use to make informed decisions about:

  • Whether or not to pursue litigation
  • How to approach and manage settlement efforts
  • Will the financial evidence effectively support the claims made
  • What financial case VFP can present as a testifying expert
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the case presented by an opposing expert

In alignment with our firm’s philosophy, our financial forensic services are:


Our fair, objective advice is supported by research and analysis.  The VFP team uses our deep understanding of financial information and theory, business information, personal financial matters, investments, and fiduciary standards to answer the burning questions for financial forensics matters.  This is coupled with our ability to transform complex and technical financial matters into a story that can be followed by the decision makers in disputes so you can determine your next course of action.


VFP looks beyond the numbers to assess and explain the business’ financial impacts of investigative efforts.  As part of our forensics work, we will investigate, analyze and when necessary, reconstruct financial records.  We will communicate financial information clearly and concisely.

Call us to discuss your concerns about claims you are pursuing or that are being pursued against you.  Let VFP help you address that proverbial “smoking gun.”