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Divorce Planning & Settlement Examples

Our divorce planning services include the use of a planning program that allows us to estimate the impacts of settlements into the future.  It is important to understand the longer term impacts of your settlement.  Our team can work with you to answer questions you have about the short and long term impacts of different settlement variables.  Some examples of the types of work performed include:

  • Use your post-divorce budget to highlight the impacts of settlement proposals on your ability to fund your budget.
  • Determine maintenance/child support trade-offs
  • Compare the financial impacts of keeping versus selling the house
  • Evaluate the impacts of dividing pension and retirement assets
  • Discuss and prioritize goals
  • Analyze long term cash flow and net worth
  • Provide you with a visual representation of settlement impacts for the short term and long term through graphs and spreadsheets coupled with a report that illustrates current and future financial status.

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